Leggings Emana Joy Purple
Leggings Emana Joy Purple
Leggings Emana Joy Purple

Leggings Emana Joy Purple

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Leggings Emana Joy.

Purple color. 

It was developed to meet the fitness market and is produced with Emana yarn technology.

The wire is constructed with bioactive crystals that absorb heat from the human body to return it in the form of long infrared rays that penetrate the skin and promote biostimulation.

With the improvement of blood microcirculation, the distribution of heat on the skin surface becomes more homogeneous, accelerating heat dissipation and the body's thermal balance in physical activities.

An increase in muscle performance and resistance is obtained, as the increase in microcirculation also contributes to less accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle, thus reducing muscle fatigue.

The cutout details are on account of the Atlanta in Amethyst color, fabric that has a slight shine, as well as cutout in the tulle neckline, which has Easy Care technology, which does not need to be ironed.

The Legging Emana Joy is highly technological, which guarantees a perfect and comfortable garment, which can be used on occasions that deserve comfort and safety, as well as in training with something and low impact.

Emana fabric. Composition: 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane.  

Atlanta fabric. Composition: 79.41% Polyamide and 20.59% Elastane.

Brand: Caju Brasil. Collection: Essence - Winter 2020. 

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