Leggings Atletika Delicate Orange Caju Brasil
Leggings Atletika Delicate Orange Caju Brasil

Leggings Atletika Delicate Orange Caju Brasil

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Legging Atletika Delicate.

Orange color. 

It has microfilament fabric with high performance par excellence and pearly shiny surface that makes it perfectly glamorous. Interpreted in intense tones, it enhances the brightness of colors.

The high percentage of the Lycra yarn and the appropriate thickness (titration), offer the perfect muscle compression. The greater strength in the length combined with a correct elasticity in the width, decrease the vibrations and the muscular tensions, improving the athletic performance, therefore, ideal for "sportswear" because it guarantees the best fit to the body outlining the silhouette.

Seeking more functionality for the garment, it contains back pockets and has a higher waistband, with a detail in rolite to be adjusted and tied, with a personalized CAJUBRASIL tip, which brings all the charm to the aesthetics of the garment.

The waistband and the bar with Cotelê fabric detail, which has a basic detail in textured fabrics with relief and has a strong visual impact to serve a modern market, giving a modern touch for training in gyms or outdoor sports practices.

Cotelê Fabric: 89% Polyamide and 11% Elastane.  

Atletika fabric: 73.75% polyamide and 26.25% elastane.

Brand: Caju Brasil. Collection: Essence - Winter 2020.