Sports Bra Park Black - Vestem - WaveFit
    Sports Bra Park Black - Vestem - WaveFit
    Sports Bra Park Black - Vestem - WaveFit
    Sports Bra Park Black - Vestem - WaveFit

    Sports Bra Park Black - Vestem

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    Sports Bra Park Black - Vestem

    Top Park Black Dress with polyamide cup with elastane, provides greater comfort, flexibility and breathability for those who wear it. Its balanced elasticity and soft touch provide well-being, in addition to the super modern look. It is easy to wash and does not need ironing. Item for everyday activities and exercises. It has a removable cup.

    Note: Top announcement. Shorts or leggings sold separately.

    Quality of your Top Park Black Dress

    – 100% POLYESTER

    Fabric Technology Dress

    It has Easy Care technology, with quick drying. Also with great perspiration and breathing. In addition, it has thermal comfort, UV protection and Lycra thread.

    How to care for your clothes Dress

    We certainly want our pieces to always be beautiful as they are. But, when washing the pieces, we need to be careful. Mainly those said by the manufacturer. Then:

      1. First, it is best to follow the washing instructions written on the label. This for the conservation of your piece. It will help you maintain the quality of your clothing;
      2. Also, try to use only mild soap. But not too much, ok?;
      3. Also try not to soak your clothes. In this way you can ruin your clothes;
      4. Wash the light and dark colored pieces separately, as the mixture can end up spoiling the color;
      5. The maximum washing temperature must be up to 30°C. In order to avoid any risk of damaging your clothes;
      6. It can be machine washed by normal process;
      7. Do not bleach or bleach;
      8. Above all, when putting your laundry on, turn the laundry inside out;
      9. Do not dry in the sun, nor iron;
      10. Also, after washing, dry and/or roll out right away;
      11. When the pieces are made of polyamide fabric, do not leave it in sunlight or artificial light for a long time. Even the fluorescent ones;
      12. Anyway, don't keep your clothes wet or wring them out.

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